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Valiani Mat Pro Ultra V80 flat bed cutting table.

The Valiani Mat Pro Ultra 80 has a working area of 815mm x 610mm. All the models are available in a vacuum version for more demanding applications. A key feature is the patented tool change mechanism – tools can be changed in less than 30 seconds, moving from cutting to creasing, perforating, embossing, plotting, writing and drawing.

This machine minimises waste and is suitable for a varity of applications including frame mountboard cutting, boxes and displays, contour cutting, embossing, stickers and making protoytpes and mock ups.

Key Product Specifications

Working area 815mm x 610mm (32” x 24”)

Width: 1100mm (43.3”)
Depth: 1020mm (40”)
Height: 850mm (33.5”)
Weight: 93kg. (191 lbs)
Max Speed: 365mm (14.5”)/sec
Main Supply: 110V60Hz/10S, 220V/50Hz/10A
Pneumatics: 6 Bar/90 PSI

Product specifications:

  • Speed: 365mm (14.5”)/sec
  • Electrical Requirements: Single Phase 110V60Hz/10S, 220V/50Hz/10A
  • Product Weight: 93kg. (191 lbs)
  • Shipping Weight:  - -


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