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TF MEGA-M Paper Folder

The TF MEGA-M is a durable table top folder for higher volumes of paper. Suitable for all folding-applications in offices, mailrooms or copy shops.

Both folding plates of the TF MEGA-M have a self-explaining scale for 7 different fold types - incl. cross fold. Additionally each plate is equipped with a quick and fine-tune adjustment to achieve perfect folding results.

Because of the adjustment device of the feeding pressure, the TF MEGA-M is ready for use for a wide range of different paper weights. The conveyor stacker guarantees an accurrate storage up to 300 sheets. It is extendable according to different paper sizes and folding types.

Key Product Features 

  • Paper sizes from A6 to A3 Single, Concertina, Gate, Double-parallel, Irregular concertina Letter, and Cross fold
  • 2 folding plates with quick and fine-tune adjustment
  • Paper Weights: 50 - 150gsm
  • Display with 4-digit counter 
  • Extendable conveyor stacker 
  • Max. stacker capacity: 300 sheets 
  • Max speed up to 7,200 folds per hour

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