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Addison Print Installs First UK Valiani from Morgana


Addison Print, Northampton, has announced details of the installation of the first Valiani cutting device from Morgana Systems Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of equipment for digital finishing.

The Valiani Mat Pro Ultra V was first shown by Morgana at a recent open house event at its Milton Keynes premises. Addison Print directors Adam Matthews and Ian Harper had gone to the event to take a closer look at a new bookletmaker that was badly needed in the finishing department. “We discovered the Valiani completely by accident, having taken up Morgana’s open house invite to look at a new bookletmaker,” confirmed Adam Matthews.

“We couldn’t help notice the Valiani as it was taking centre stage and drawing quite a crowd. We saw what it could do and realised that it was exactly what we needed for one specific area of work that we were producing on a regular basis.

“We have customer that is a major producer of light bulbs for the country. They use us to help them to produce a large variety test packaging. That can involve a lot of awkward cutting tasks and expensive cutting forms. The Valiani is the ideal solution to the problem, as these marketing runs are just a few dozen copies. Of course, once we had seen what the machine could do we began thinking of a awful lot of other areas of work where the machine could be very useful.”

As an aid to the production of the light bulb packs the company added a third element to its purchase: a Vivid laminating device. The complete investment – the Valiani, the booklet maker, and Vivid laminating device – is valued in the region of £75,000.

The Vivid 530 lamination equipment provides for matt, soft touch and gloss lamination for both litho and digital production.

Taking up the story of the original reason for the visit to Morgana, Ian Harper said: “Our ageing booklet making equipment was in need of replacement, but these products have come a long way in recent years: this latest machine is able to handle both un-collated and pre-collated work, as well as create a square back finish to the final booklet – a set of features that really came into their own only a few days after installation.

“We needed to produce a staff handbook for a large toy store. The longer part of the run was printed litho and so we needed to collate the double page spreads into a book, add the cover, and then stitch and trim, but we were also able to finish the product with a square back thanks to this Morgana binder. Then we had a shorter run of the publication to produce for Ireland. This suited digital printing and therefore ran through the same binder as pre-collated sets with a cover added. The booklet was also finished with the square back option. The job was an ideal example of what this machine could do for us, and it only took an afternoon to do the whole job: without this product we would have had to put the job out for trade binding as our previous binder could not have handled it. I don’t like to think how many days that would have added to the production schedule!”

The Morgana System 2000 collator and bookletmaker is equipped with Morgana’s SquareFold unit, and is capable of producing up to 3,000 books per hour.

The Valiani has been put to good use in a variety of directions since its arrival in July. The company has been producing jig-saw products for a pre-school customer, and has been asked to produce test packaging for Brownie snack boxes for a major football club. “The product is ideal for producing marketing or sample pieces of packaging,” said Adam Matthews. “The light bulb customer, for example, takes samples of its latest packaging concepts into its customers and gauges opinion and gets reaction to a new line. We have also been using it to cut out bunting products for a long-standing client – this includes different shapes and sizes of personalised bunting. Whilst we have been producing wedding stationery for customers for some time, the arrival of this machine has meant that we have been able to create some unique cut-out wedding products and have also been able to add embossing to our range of capabilities – the Valiani can be used to produce a blind embossing effect on board products, with a range of tools to create different embossing designs.”

Addison Print

The Valiani can cut through a variety of thicknesses with no problem: Addison Print has been working with 3mm foamex recently. “It’s a very versatile machine and occupies such a small footprint, but offers a 1.5m x 1m flatbed working surface,” added Adam.

Digital production at Addison Print takes place with a Xerox J75 SRA3 printer, which is happy handling a range of substrates from 80gsm through to 350gsm, wide format work with a Mimaki solvent printer, whilst litho printing is handled with a two-colour Ryobi press complete with numbering and perforating unit. Addison Print produces a wide variety of commercial print with a team of just four full time staff and one part time. 

Adam Matthews (left) and Ian Harper with the Valiani cutting table from Morgana Systems

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