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South African Printer Invests in PUR with Morgana DigiBook 450


Multiprint LithoMultiprint Litho, Johannesburg, South Africa, has detailed the purchase and installation of a Morgana DigiBook 450 PUR perfect binding machine via local distributor, IPEX Machinery.

Multiprint Litho has developed a reputation for seeing the value in the latest technology available within the industry. Purchase decisions are not made rashly or without due consideration, but Managing Director David Baker (left) is constantly looking for ways to improve productivity, increase throughput, and ways of simply doing things better. Mr Baker confirms: “This ensures that the growth we achieve is in throughput and turnover, not in additional staff and simply adding extra equipment. Anything we buy must show real benefits in terms of greater productivity, while adhering to our drive for the highest quality.”

The company, very well known throughout South Africa for its printing expertise, decided to expand its finishing capabilities to further assist in faster delivery of product to customers. David Baker said: “We needed to have quicker turnaround times on producing our bookwork.” The installation helps reduce time and costs in transporting work around: “It will also provide us with significant savings from not having to send and collect from a trade finisher.”

The investment in the Morgana DigiBook 450 gives the company quality PUR binding for the wide variety of work being produced on its Heidelberg XL105-5 and SM74 litho presses, as well as the ever growing volume of work being produced digitally on its Indigo 5600. “Book production can range anywhere from a single copy printed on the Indigo, to 3,000 copies of a 500-page publication,” explained David Baker.

Following a long process of investigation, reviewing all of the various options on the market, comparing levels of productivity and related costs, David Baker and his team opted for the Morgana DigiBook 450 PUR binding system from Ipex Machinery.

The system installed at Multiprint Litho has been fitted with an optional scoring attachment from Morgana, removing the need for pre-creasing of covers. The DigiBook can handle a wide range of product sizes in length, height and thickness.

An important feature of the DigiBook 450 is that the glue is handled entirely within the machine, meaning that there is no need for long feed lines and the problems associated with that. This also means less wastage and eliminates the need for lengthy pre-heat periods. Glue “candles” are loaded and melted as required. Post binding there is dwell time of a few seconds, allowing the glue to cool sufficiently for the curing process to begin. Thereafter the finished product is moved to the finished stack where curing continues before product is moved to a pallet for final trimming.

“This is the first purchase that we have made from Ipex Machinery and it has been a completely smooth process,” said David Baker. “From the advice given in the beginning through to the installation, commissioning and training, the entire process has been flawless.”

Commenting on the installation, James Walsh, Export Sales Manager for Morgana said: “We are delighted that such a high profile company as Multiprint has chosen the DigiBook 450 for its future production needs. Ipex Machinery has done a fantastic job through the testing and evaluation process so we are confident this first installation of the 450 in South Africa will be a great success.”

About the DigiBook 450

The DigiBook 450 is suited to both traditional and digital printers who require short to medium runs of PUR perfect bound books to a truly professional standard. These innovative machines are equipped with a patented closed gluing system where the spine and side gluing is applied by a slot applicator for the utmost binding quality and accuracy.

The DigiBook 450 is an innovative perfect binding machine designed and built for the very latest market requirements. It is easy to use, even by non-specialised personnel, via a touch screen panel with icon graphics that allow the programming of all precision operations in just a few seconds, including start-up and shutdown.

There are a thousand alphanumeric memories available, which enable repeat jobs to be saved for later recall, thus providing totally automatic setup in a few seconds.

About Multiprint Litho, South Africa

Formed back in 1951 as Multiprint Studio, a silkscreen company printing primarily produckng metal boxes for Mills Cigarettes, the business grew into one of the leading silkscreen printers in South Africa. It later branched out into specialised hot-foil label printing and litho printing. In 1996 the three divisions were separated into three separate companies, each handling a different area of printing specialisation.

Today Multiprint Litho is an award winning printing company acknowledged as a market leader, and a repeat winner of the "African Sappi Printer of the Year Awards". The company has continued to grow by investing in key growth areas, cutting-edge technology and equipment that enables it to offer a range of services with focus on customer satisfaction and efficiency that is often lacking in the market place.

Conveniently located within the economic hub of Gauteng, Johannesburg, the business services the need for high quality print to advertising agencies, government bodies, banks, and multinational companies, as well as exporting product into other African countries. Multiprint Litho is a financially stable and solid company with 61-years of successful printing under its belt.  

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