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Case Studies

Package - Ravensworth  (Ravensworth)


Ravensworth, one of Europe’s largest providers of digital print, has placed further orders for digital finishing equipment with Morgana Systems.

The Cramlington based company currently produces between 300,000 and 350,000 full colour A4 impressions every day from a press room that houses 2 Xeikon 5000s, a Xeikon 500 and a Xerox iGen3. Nearly all its digital finishing equipment is sourced from Morgana and the company has recently taken delivery of a DocuMaster with square back,  a Foldnak 8 bookletmaker with trimmer a DigiFold and a CardXtra document cutter fitted with a business card module. They have also taken delivery of a new AutoCreaser 50, which takes a 500 x 700 sheet size ideal for finishing work from their Xeikon web presses and can operates at speeds in excess of 6000 creases per hour. This supplements a number of AutoCreaser 33s that Ravensworth has had for some time.

Ravensworth has provided printing services to the property market for over 25 years and first moved into full-colour digital in 1995. Today it supplies a huge range of brochures and other marketing material to more than 3000 UK estate agents; operating a true on-demand service with order run lengths from 30 copies upwards  - nearly all for next day delivery.

These pressures, according to Production Manager David Duncan, mean that presses and finishing equipment must operate at optimum efficiency across a broad spectrum of work. He cites two examples of how his finishing equipment has provided solutions to meet the specialised demands of the market: “When we experienced a big upturn in demand for multi-page booklets for higher value properties” he says, “the Morgana DocuMaster enabled us to finish the work more quickly and to a higher standard than before. Morgana was also able to supply a specially modified Foldnak bookletmaker that has significantly reduced time and costs in finishing 4pp A4-landscape booklets that can only be produced digitally on a Xeikon press.”

Ravensworth’s very latest purchase – the KB 2000 perfect binder -again demonstrates Morgana’s ability to provide solutions geared to the specific needs of the digital printer. Developed specially for this market, it has the ability to handle a wide range of stock, including digital output that might have fusion oil residues. It provides particularly strong bindings, thanks to a new method of spine preparation that allows the glue to penetrate more deeply. The glue assembly has two rollers to apply a clean layer of hot-melt adhesive and a doctor roller is employed to provide a smooth professional finish.

This machine has been developed for the Digital Print Market and 
Operates a “unique” slitting and fanning device, which ensures the glue penetrates individual sheets of the book to be bound
And the 2 gluing rollers and metering roller deliver an even layer of glue to the spine of the book resulting in a secure professional finish.

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