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Case Studies

Newprint Returns to Morgana for More Finishing  (Newprint)

The brief

Speaking about the laminator purchase, David Prior, Managing Director of Newprint, said: “Our existing laminator needed to perforate the whole of the substrate, rather than just the film. On heavier weight stocks that could cause problems and, as it was a hand fed unit, it was difficult to clear a problem whilst feeding the machine. It could become a slow process.”

The solution

The new Laminator 450, delivered just before Christmas, perforates the film, making sheet separation far more effective and reliable. It’s also a suction fed system, speeding up the whole process.

With regard to the DigiFold 385, David added: “We didn’t need to see it in action. We have worked with Morgana for many years and know the product range. This was the ideal machine for us to move to. We had a creasing system before, but DigiFold creases and folds, and it does both tasks very well.”

DigiFold 385 is Morgana’s easy to use, high capacity, stand-alone paper folding and creasing machine. The original DigiFold has been one of the company’s best selling products since it was first introduced back in 2001. Morgana DigiFold products employ a unique creasing rule and matrix, the DynaCrease, that eliminates tearing and, therefore, cracking.

The result

With regard to the Laminator 450, David Prior said: “We are now actively seeking more laminating work, rather than trying to avoid it!” And commenting further on the DigiFold, said: “The high capacity model means that we can load the machine and, once we have set the machine up, we can just let it run – no need to keep loading prints into the feeder.”

Commenting on one of the first installations of the Laminator 450 product, Morgana’s Ray Hillhouse said: “We are delighted to have been able to assist David with his laminating issue – the Laminator 450 and 450 Pro offer a range of printers the ideal in-house laminating solution. First shown at Ipex last year, we have been delighted with the interest shown in the product.”

Printing at Newprint consists of both litho and digital equipment, with two Konica Minolta 1070 machines producing a wide range of short-run general commercial work. A team of four full-time and one part-time employees take on work from a range of local customers

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