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Case Studies

Booklet Maker System 2000  (Halton Borough Council)

The brief

Following the move into full digital print production, Halton Borough Council, Cheshire, had to upgrade its post-press equipment to better manage its finished output. The organisation opted for a System 2000 booklet maker from Morgana Systems Ltd, Milton Keynes, the UK’s leading manufacturer of equipment for digital finishing, in order to enhance its finishing and upgrade its booklet production capacity.

When a change in printing technology is introduced there can often be a knock-on effect throughout the production process. When Halton Borough Council recently switched from litho production to a Konica Minolta based digital printing solution it was quickly recognised that certain items of finishing equipment were no longer going to be suited to the new demands. With printed sheets arriving from the printer in a ready-collated form, it might seem that the tasks demanded post-press would be a lot easier. “Different is probably a better word to use,” said Alan Argent, Principal Reprographics Officer for Halton Borough Council. “The equipment that had served the department well for a number of years simply wasn’t suited to the new demands being placed on it.”

The solution

Having evaluated a number of potential solutions, Alan Argent selected the recently introduced System 2000 from Morgana Systems. “It has been designed and built specifically for digital print,” he confirmed. “It is a highly versatile solution and requires the minimum of adjustment to cope with the wide range of work that we need to produce on it.”

The System 2000 from Morgana is capable of producing booklets of up to 120 pages, with output capabilities of up to 3,000 booklets per hour. The system is fed by the ACF510, a hybrid feeder capable of feeding pre-collated sets from a digital print engine, collating litho printed sections, or combining both into a finished book product. The heavy-duty bookletmaking section comes complete with stapling heads and fore-edge trimmer.

The result

The introduction of the Morgana booklet maker has allowed the print department to meet the tightest of deadlines: “Even though the machine has been in only a few weeks, we have already managed one especially urgent request from our local theatre – a regular customer of ours – that we could never have coped with in-house before the arrival of this unit. They needed programmes produced in a last minute rush: we were able to handle the task, turning the entire job around inside one working day. Previously we would have had to seek outside assistance to have achieved that speed of operation,” confirmed Alan Argent.

Because of the efficiency of the new bookletmaking system the department could even be in a position, in the near future, to attract commercial work from outside of the normal customer base.

Commenting on the installation, Ray Hillhouse, Sales and Marketing Director for Morgana Systems, said: “The needs of this installation illustrate well the difference in post-press requirements when making the change from litho to digital. Older style binding kit just can’t compare with efficient bookletmaking systems that have been manufactured with digital production in mind. It also shows the ability of our equipment to work well with output from the very popular Konica Minolta production systems.”

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