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Case Studies

MMU adds Morgana DigiBook 150  (Manchester Metropolitan University)

The brief

IT Print Services at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) produces more than 43 million pages per year. The service supports some 34,000 students and over 3,000 teaching and support staff.

Paul Squires, IT Print Services Manager at MMU, takes up the story: “Our most demanding task is binding students’ end-of-course books: these contain their project work, and will be reviewed by examiners and opened numerous times by both students and teachers. We found that hot-melt binding was not really meeting our high standards of production nor meeting our customers’ expectations. 

“Our students have high expectations and we believe we have the skills and equipment to meet those challenges. They have every right to expect the course books that they assemble of their work to be produced with the best equipment, reflecting this investment.”

MMU IT Print Services needs to meet these challenges with high standards and a focus to meet high expectations with the production demands for high volume 

The solution

The DigiBook 150 from Morgana Systems is an entry-level PUR perfect binding machine designed with digital print in mind. It is capable of approximately 150 cycles per hour, it can bind publications with spine thicknesses from 2mm through to 50mm, in book sizes up to 380 x 320mm.

Paul Squires confirmed: “The DigiBook 150 is ideal for our busy University print service as the PUR technology produces the strength of bind that our staff and students need. It is also able to cope with a range of different substrates without weakening.”

The DigiBook 150 is the entry-level product of the Morgana PUR range. A key feature of the 150, and across the DigiBook range, is the patented glue application system. Spine and side glue is applied using an adjustable slot applicator allowing accurate control over both functions to give the best possible results. All the machines have an hermetically sealed glue and cleaning system which gives the quickest possible start-up and shutdown of the system with minimal glue wastage.

The result

The MMU IT Print Service handles a wide range of work, as is typical of a University print section. “Much of our work is focused on quality not quantity,” adds Paul Squires. “The Morgana DigiBook 150 helps us to maintain the quality aspect perfectly for our bound books, whether the run is a one-off or needs 2,000 copies.”

PUR is the strongest, most flexible binding adhesive available, offering several additional advantages over other hot-melt adhesives. When inks, coatings or digital print toners are present in the spine area these can often compromise the strength of a typical hot-melt perfect binding. PUR is resistant to this and will form a super-strong bond with all weights and finishes of paper stocks. In addition PUR works well with synthetic and recycled-content stocks.

Commenting on the installation at MMU, Ray Hillhouse, Sales and Marketing Director of Morgana Systems, said: “This is the ideal unit for a University print unit that is handling such a wide range of work. There really is nothing else on the market with the type of glue system to compete with the DigiBook 150 product. The unit offers few fancy settings, but for the run lengths needed by a large percentage of digital printers these are simply not necessary. Where even more productive solutions are required, we have the DigiBook 300 and 450.”

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