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Case Studies

DigiBook 150 PUR Binder installed at Loughborough University  (Loughborough University)

The brief

Design & Print Services Department at Loughborough University needed a more effective, robust and longer-lasting binding solution for its documents. The existing hot-melt perfect binding system was delivering imperfect results that were not able to cope with the rigours of repeated handling and the problems of needing to bind a range of substrates.

Commenting on the reasons for the purchase, Mark Ramsay, Print Services Manager within the Design & Print Services section of Loughborough University, said: “Many of our University Research Departments conduct distance learning activities in quite far-flung territories, sending significant amounts of material out to African and Asian countries. They were finding that product that was bound with our existing hot melt binding system was not sufficiently rugged for the demands being placed on it – it might have been the heat in these countries or just the more frequent handling of the publications, but they were falling apart far too easily, with pages becoming loose or lost far too easily.”

The solution

“Our own research pointed us towards PUR binding as the ideal solution, and whilst we did look at one other system, the price tag didn't fit our budget: the Morgana product offered all of the benefits that we needed for a price that we could afford,” added Mark Ramsay.

The DigiBook 150 Perfecty binder is the entry-level PUR perfect binding product. It is capable of approximately 150 cycles per hour, it can bind publications with spine thicknesses from 2mm through to 50mm, in book sizes up to 380 x 320mm. A key feature of the 150, and across the DigiBook range, is the patented glue application system. Spine and side glue is applied using an adjustable slot applicator allowing accurate control over both functions to give the best possible results. All the machines have an hermetically sealed glue and cleaning system which gives the quickest possible start-up and shutdown of the system with minimal glue wastage.

PUR is the strongest, most flexible binding adhesive available, offering several additional advantages over other hot-melt adhesives. When inks, coatings or digital print toners are present in the spine area these can often compromise the strength of a typical hot-melt perfect binding. PUR is resistant to this and will form a super-strong bond with all weights and finishes of paper stocks. In addition PUR works well with synthetic and recycled-content stocks.

The result

“I would venture to say that the DigiBook 150 has probably already paid for itself: the distance learning publications are holding together significantly better, and Loughborough University students in the School of the Arts and Design School are benefiting from excellent binding of their final course work - some of which is on unusual, coated substrates, whilst other students go for bespoke sizes in order to stand out: the Morgana product copes with it all,” said Mark Ramsay.

Mark adds that local businesses are also benefiting from the investment: “Sadly the recent economic downturn has seen some local print companies go out of business, but this has allowed us to help the local community by provided them with a PUR binding service.”

Commenting on the installation at Loughborough University, Ray Hillhouse, Sales and Marketing Director at Morgana Systems, said: “This is the ideal unit for in-house print operations – there really is nothing else on the market with this type of glue system that competes with the DigiBook 150 product. The educational market has really taken to the durability of PUR. Often we are replacing hot melt systems: they just cannot offer the same solid bind that PUR can. The unit offers few fancy settings, but for the run lengths needed by a large percentage of in-house digital printers these are simply not necessary.”

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